New Born Calf Serum (NCS)

Australian/New Zealand Origin Newborn Calf Serum, Sterile Filtered

0.2µm Sterile Filtered Australian/New Zealand Origin

New-born calf serum (NCS) is a cost-effective alternative to Foetal Bovine Serum (FBS).

NBCS is collected within 20 days post-partum. NBCS is used in a wide range of cell culture and organ preservation applications.

Synonyms: New-Born Calf Serum, Calf Serum, NBCS, NCS, NBS

NCS range:

  • Australian Origin Sterile Filtered Newborn Calf Serum
  • Australian Origin Gamma Irradiated Newborn Calf Serum
  • Australian Origin Heat Inactivated Newborn Calf Serum

Packaging: 100 ml, 500 ml bottles

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