Why we exist

Our Mission

To be a dependable access point in a professional network of key players in the field of life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and food industries.

Our Vision

To promote the possibility of a healthy life worldwide by creating universal access to the best quality products and services.

Our Values

We commit to a set of values in running our business that define the nature of our relationships, both with our clients and in within the organization. We think it is important that our clients have a good understanding of the way we work so they can make informed choices.

  • PARTNERSHIP: We operate on common grounds.

We believe that many of us have a lot in common, including our goals, our values, and our interests, which can form a win-win basis for a business relationship. In starting a relationship with a client, and also all throughout the process, we constantly look for shared values and care about sharing needs and requests, to make sure we will have a solid common ground that is required for every partnership. A common ground helps us develop empathy with our clients and work as a team with them towards shared goals.

Within the organization, we believe that only partners are able to operate as partners, so we follow the attitude of partnership on the internal side of the business and the way we work together as a team.

  • INTEGRITY: We fulfill our promises.

Every business relationship, deal and contract are about fulfilling a set of promises. For us, promises are anything we say in our business, including the way we introduce our organization, the services and products we say we offer, the values we say we promote, the procedures and processes of conducting our business, anything we commit to, and of course every contract we make. We like our clients to comfortably depend on everything we say to them, particularly every term of a contract. This is a way we honor our clients by supporting them to plan and schedule.

Of course, we are able to work this way because we promote integrity and the spirit of honouring promises within the organizations as well. Our team members treat their words as binding promises and the organization’s promises as their own. Our approach to integrity makes sure that every member and part of the organization works perfectly on their own and in relation to other parts.

  • QUALITY: We value you and ourselves.

We enjoy what we are doing and like to do it the best way we can. We like our clients to know that quality matters to us and to feel respected and valued for doing business with us. We make sure that quality distinguishes every aspect of our business, from our relationships with the clients all throughout the process to the services and products that we select to offer.

We are also constantly monitoring the quality of the relationships and business procedures within the organization. Our team is sensitive to different aspects of the business and the different factors influencing a business, both inside and outside the organization, to make sure we are able to maintain quality and improve it.

  • FLEXIBILITY: We adapt and respond.

Working as partners with our clients is to a large extent about understanding and meeting needs. This will shape an atmosphere of empathy and trust between the partners that is required for deciding the best customized solutions for each business relationship. This atmosphere is also required for keeping relationships working through the process. We tend to be understanding and flexible in different aspects of negotiating a deal with a client, including the terms, pricing, shipping etc., to come to the best possible contract for both sides. We are also flexible throughout a contract because we understand that circumstances change and call for adaptability.

We respect this value within the organization as well. Our team members are understanding and flexible to each other and to the organization as a whole, and the organization is responsive and flexible to the changes in the field and the market, as well as the global changes.

  • AUTHENTICITY: We mean what we say.

Every relationship, deal and contract start with words. We understand the critical role of words in forming an effective and trustable business relationship, whether with a one-time or a regular client. We are clear and honest in negotiating a deal with a client to make sure we make a transparent contract with mutual understanding of its terms and its scope and limitations. We also support our clients with honesty and transparency in all stages of a contract and through any issue that might arise.

We promote authenticity as a key value inside the organization as well. Our team members are encouraged to be sensitive to what they say and advocate the standard of ownership of one’s words, as a context that facilitates maintaining other values.