CellSera Australia

CellSera Australia produces sterile filtered foetal bovine serum in its state-of-the-art facilities. Foetal bovine serum contains a high content of embryonic growth promoting factors and is most commonly used as a growth supplement for cell culture media. CellSera Australia is a registered company for the Blood Products into the EU.

CellSera Australia is a hundred percent privately owned Australian company. Since its establishment in 2004, CellSera has grown into one of Australia’s largest producers of high quality foetal bovine serum, animal by-products and other animal sera.

Many biopharmaceutical companies and research centres in America, Europe, Asia, and Australia are using Foetal bovine serum of CellSera Australia.

NOVELTY WORLD exclusively represents CellSera Australia‘s product ranges in Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Pakistan, and Turkey.